oh hello again so Travel I really want to go to japan and Mexico japan because of the culture and Mexico because its Mexico.



Did you know,

The Japanese name for Japan is Nippon which means sun origin?

Japans flag is white with a red circle in the middle which resembles the sun?

Well the more you learn or the more you know? Ok well bye till next time i got the info from google.


oh hello I have to do some music stuff now, do you play any instruments I don’t.



so wright an instrument that starts with the first letter of your name!

and one that you play (if you don’t play any say none),

one that you want to play,

one that you dislike and on that your friend plays

cant wait to see what you do!

thumbs up↑ thumbs down↓

we were asked to rank comets in order to worst to best

1 was definitely the worst because it used slang and caps every where and bad grammar 

4 was better but still so bad it used slang to.

6 it used slang to and bad grammar.

7 it didn’t give enough info about the post or what part.

8 I don’t think that its related to he post and its all there opinion.

5and 3 they are both good.

2 was good it had a paragraph which sold it to me I think it looks neat.


China country of focus 🇨🇳

China is in Asia.

China’s capital city is Beijing.

The population of China is 1,444,216,107 people.

different languages are spoken but The main language is Mandarin.

The Chinese currency is Renminbi.

The relationship between China and Australia is named the ‘comprehensive strategic partnership”

China is the 3rd largest country with 9,706,961 sq.

3 countries that share borders with China is Mongolia which is to the north,  Myanmar is to the south and Vietnam which is to the south of China.

this is the Chinese flag

Writing Challenge – Using Connectives

It was midnight no one was awake you get up and look out the fogy window its very dark you can hardly see out the window the light is dim and still flickering. Out the window the the snow is falling the trees are really hard to see you see a light its just the pond tho just as you were walking away you hear a noise some thing is out there then you run over to the window you hear a nock on your door  you run for your bed meanwhile theres a splash wait wasn’t the lake frozen over the door eeekkk the door opens “hello hunny I heard a noise was it you?” you recognise that voice it’s MUM “yep I’m ok I just heard a noise.” you reply loudly  “woh hunny not so loud.” she said “well good night hun” “thank’s mum you to” you say  she leaves so what was that noise you wonder then you hear something on the roof you feel like not alone however you feel like your not alone you walk to you closet and put on your really worm and fluffy coat coat and walk out side it was so cold you look around and see something on the roof its a.. a.. um what is it. You feel your self falling everything turns black.

My first post! 🐋 

My name is Izzy and I am so exited to be making my blog and hearing from all of you guys I hope you enjoy my blog

but I have to talk about myself so here we go…

Hi my name is Izzy I like pastel colours and white but white is a shade not a colour. I love animals  and food wait who dose’t like food? I live in Australia

🐋 I like the wale emoji Idk why it’s just cool,🐋

I have a sister and a brother my sister has a blog Idk what its called tho I cant wait till I get to make my blog better

I like the video games called Animal crossing, Kleptodogs and Minecraft . I really like them!

I also really like horse’s